Are you REALLY saving money listing with a Realtor for 1% less, REALLY?

As I watch my neighbors list their homes with Realtors for 1 % less than the standard and then see what they end up selling their home for, all I can do is laugh in disbelief. They just saved $2,000 on commission and lost $7,000 on the price of their home and it sold in one day. HELLO, think it might have been priced TOO low. Now I have to listen to my neighbor desperately justify it all and they know darn well they sold too cheap. The sad part is that the agent should be giving you even more of a discount because they didn’t do a darn thing but cost you money. You have to wander, if a Real Estate Agent will take 30% less in pay to get a listing, do you think they care if you sell your home for less than you can, I don’t think so. It’s the Real Estate Agents responsibility to do everything they can to sell your home for as much money as the market is willing to pay. Sure if your desperate and need to sell in one day then that’s one thing, but if not why are you so willing to give your home away. Our job as Realtor is to market your property so that will happen, not just sign some papers and price it so that the home will sell itself because it’s a good deal. But hay, if you don’t care about losing $5,000 to $10,000 dollars to save $2,000 go right ahead.