Sun City / Del Webb Mesquite, what’s better a new home or a resale.

Sun City / Del Webb Mesquite, what’s better a new home or a resale.

What to expect when you go to buy a new Sun City / Del Webb home. First, you are going to walk through the models which are decorated to the hilt and notice there are no window blinds or interior doors, which make it much brighter and seem larger then it will be when you get into a new home.
Then when you start talking to the sale representative, they will start out telling you about all the discounts you’re going to get buying a new home, the hook. Then they show you a starter price that looks really cheap compared to the resale homes on the market and get you all excited about buying that new home.
They get you so involved right off the bat, you start felling obligated to buy the new home before you know what the real price is going to be.

Please sit down and have the sales person build your home on the computer just to get an idea of the price. Rest assured once you actually sit down in the show room to pick out your finishes the price will go up, it always does.
On the new homes everything is an extra, and the lot premiums are quite a bit more than previously, oh but they will give you a discount on the lot if you buy today, sound like buying a car?
My advice to you is to pick a lot, pick a house, go into the show room and pick your finishes, and get the exact price of the home. Then look at all the resale homes that are similar in Sq. footage, and make an educated decision.
I think you will always get a better deal on a resale home and you know what you’re getting.

Don’t forget to add the $10,000 on to the price for SID’s
  something the Sale Person might forget to mention. It is the infrastructure assessment from the city. 

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