Home is where the heart is, but, increasingly, it’s also where the cool is. The latest tech creations and fun features that make everyday living so inspired you don’t want to leave can turn a good home into something spectacular.

Whether you’re looking to build a home that is the envy of the neighborhood – or one that could double as the next James Bond pad—or simply add a few features to up the fun factor or increase recreational opportunities, we’ve got some great options here.

1. Indoor resort pool

Anyone can have a resort-style pool. But how about an indoor resort pool complete with waterfalls, a grotto, and even an underground sound system? Hello, Playboy Mansion!

Not only is this one of the coolest pools we’ve ever seen, it’s also usable year round – perfect for the Lake Tahoe, CA homeowner who wants to luxuriate by the pool even when the ground is covered in 10 feet of snow.

2. Dining room/pool table

This could save a lot of marriages. It’s a hybrid dining room table-pool table that will end the argument about what goes in the dining room. I need this. Everyone needs this.

Bored Panda
3. Classic car pool table

Don’t care about your marriage (or have a separate space for your pool table other than the dining room)? This one’s for you.

4. See-through bathtub

We’re not sure who this is for, exactly. But we’re pretty sure we want to know them.

Bored Panda
5. Pouring light lamp

Part light fixture, part sculpture, this lamp “uses LED lights that are situated in the bucket and with the help of phosphorescence in the “water” it lights in a marvelous way,” said Design your way.

Design your way
6. Putting green

Have a side yard you’re not sure what to do with? How about turning it into a putting green?

7. Tabletop fireplace

Sad because you don’t have a fireplace? Add a tabletop version and create a little romance and intrigue for just over a hundred bucks. It might not keep you warm and toasty, but it will give you that flickering flame effect, and it burns clean liquid nu-flame bio-ethanol fuel.

8., 9., 10. Secret rooms

If you’re building a house, you have infinite opportunities for creating something cool. Like this secret cellar hatch. Or any of these secret rooms. Or this hole in the floor…

that leads to this…


Written by Jaymi Naciri


4 Things Every Homeseller Needs to Know

4 Things Every Home Seller Needs to Know.
As the season turns, many homeowners who had bunkered down for the winter are emerging from their shelters ready to sell. It’s the ideal time to put your house on the market, with many first-time buyers looking to invest in their first property.

Selling a home comes a lot of small to-dos and considerations, so what exactly do you need to know before listing? Find out how to buy a new home while you sell your first one, which professionals you need to involve in the process, and how to properly set a price for your home.

What is My Home Worth?
Sure, you know what you bought your home for, but how many years ago was that? The real estate market can change significantly year over year, so even if you bought your home recently, the price has likely changed since then.

The value of your home can be affected by a variety of things, either positively or negatively, such as:

Renovations and upgrades
Commercial developments in your neighborhood
The fluctuation of the real estate market and economy
Your length of ownership
To make sure that you sell your home at a price that is fair to both you and a potential buyer, you should do some research to figure out exactly how much your home is worth. You can get a good idea of your property’s value by:

Looking at other, similar homes for sale in your area.
Having a home appraisal
Having a realtor determine market value.
How to Buy and Sell at the Same Time
If you’re selling a house, chances are you are also buying a different one. But you probably need the money that you put on your current house to finance your new one, right?

Don’t worry, the solution is a lot less complicated than it may seem. Once your home is on the market, and you have decided to put an offer in on another, include selling your current home as a condition or term of the purchase.

That way, buying your new home depends on the sale of your current one. The seller will likely wish to include a time limit (for example, “within 30 days from today”), to make sure that they aren’t stuck waiting on your sale for too long, so try to put your house up for sale before you choose another.

Finding a Buyer
How you find a buyer depends on how much time you want to put in to your own home sale and how much of the work you want to do yourself.

If you have a realtor, they’ll likely do most of the work for you when it comes to advertising. They’ll post the listing on relevant real estate websites (like MLS), and will reach out to other realtors who may have clients interested in the property.

If you don’t have a realtor, or you want to lend a hand, you can:

Share your property on your social media profiles to friends and family.
Place a free or paid ad on a classified site, like Kijiji or Craigslist.
List your home in print ads and newspapers.
Remember to tidy up clutter before taking any pictures to place in ads so that your home looks its best to interested buyers.

You or your realtor can also host open houses on top of scheduled viewings to allow for drop-ins and casual home-seekers in the area. You can make your home more appealing by landscaping the outdoors and staging the indoors, either yourself or through a professional.

What Professionals Will I Need?
For the most part, which professional you choose to enlist is entirely dependent on you as most are optional. While you will always need a lawyer if you are transferring a property deed, you can select the following professionals as you see fit:

A home appraiser. A home appraiser does a detailed review of your home and sets its current market value.
A realtor. Realtors help to sell your home by listing the property and assisting in finding buyers. They can also help to field offers and negotiate as well as ease you through the selling process from start to finish.
A home stager. A home stager can help to give your home a facelift by bringing in and arranging furniture and décor that makes the home more appealing for photos and viewings.
A landscaper. If you’ve neglected the area surrounding your property, a landscaper can help to improve the curb appeal of your home.
A cleaning service. Maids and cleaning services can be helpful for busy sellers, or sellers with children and pets, especially right before an open house.
Although professionals are an extra expense in most cases, they can be invaluable when it comes to getting your property ready for buyers.

Taking the Steps to Sell
Selling your home is a big decision, but with the proper planning and professional assistance, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Plan ahead, take it one step at a time, and remember that there are professionals to help with just about any of your home selling needs.


By: Brittany Foster

Dutch Oven Breakfast Demonstration

Dutch Oven Breakfast Demonstration

Mesquite, NV – On Saturday, March 12, from 1pm-3pm The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum in conjunction with Denen Torgenson of DDT/RV Supplies located at the Brickyard will present a demonstration on how to cook breakfast on the latest style Dutch Oven.

Denen has been here in Mesquite since June and hails from Utah and is the Mother of three children.

The Dutch Oven that she is demonstrating was invented by her Father,  is made out of cast iron or cast Aluminum and uses cone heating. Come and become acquainted with another method of Dutch Oven Cooking . A modern spin on an old cooking method used here in the Valley.

Denen will demonstrate how to cook breakfast,cinnamon rolls and possibly a turkey.

So drop by the Art Gallery’s yard sale and then come see what’s cooking in the back yard.

We look forward to seeing you.

Admission is free.

For more information about this event and the Museum, find us on Facebook at  MesquiteNVMuseum or stop by the Museum at 35 W. Mesquite Blvd.  The Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.



National Summary (U.S.)
Pending Home Sales Rise in January to Highest Level in 18 Months

WASHINGTON (February 27, 2015) — Improved buyer demand at the beginning of 2015 pushed pending home sales in January to their highest level since August 2013, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. All major regions except for the Midwest saw gains in activity in January.

The Pending Home Sales Index,* a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, climbed 1.7 percent to 104.2 in January from an upwardly revised 102.5 in December and is now 8.4 percent above January 2014 (96.1). This marks the fifth consecutive month of year-over-year gains with each month accelerating the previous month’s gain.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says for the most part buyers in January were able to overcome tight supply to sign contracts at a pace that highlights the underlying demand that exists in today’s market. “Contract activity is convincingly up compared to a year ago despite comparable inventory levels,” he said. “The difference this year is the positive factors supporting stronger sales, such as slightly improving credit conditions, more jobs and slower price growth.”

Yun also points to more favorable conditions for traditional buyers entering the market. All-cash sales and sales to investors are both down from a year ago1, creating less competition and some relief for buyers who still face the challenge of limited homes available for sale.

“All indications point to modest sales gains as we head into the spring buying season,” says Yun. “However, the pace will greatly depend on how much upward pressure the impact of low inventory will have on home prices. Appreciation anywhere near double-digits isn’t healthy or sustainable in the current economic environment.”

The PHSI in the Northeast inched 0.1 percent to 84.9 in January, and is now 6.9 percent above a year ago. In the Midwest the index decreased 0.7 percent to 99.3 in January, but is 4.2 percent above January 2014.

Pending home sales experienced the largest increase in the South, up 3.2 percent to an index of 121.9 in January (highest since April 2010) and are 9.7 percent above last January. The index in the West rose 2.2 percent in January to 96.4 and is 11.4 percent above a year ago.

Total existing-homes sales in 2015 are forecast to be around 5.26 million, an increase of 6.4 percent from 2014. The national median existing-home price for all of this year is expected to increase near 5 percent. In 2014, existing-home sales declined 2.9 percent and prices rose 5.7 percent.

The National Association of REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

An Ordinary Voter Writes To Donald Trump…

An Ordinary Voter Writes To Donald Trump…

Shared from Scott Adams’ Blog as written by Troy Morton

trump rally arkansas 4

To: President Trump
From: Just a simple man

I’ve been following your campaign since your announcement, reading millions of words written about you, watching thousands of hours of video and speeches, listening to many talk radio show segments, and engaging in dozens of debates with people around me.

No candidate has ever captured my attention the way you have.

Now that it’s clear you will be the Republican nominee, I want to share with you something so personal, painful, and uplifting, that I almost don’t want to write it, but I will anyway…trolls be damned:

My whole life, up until yesterday, has been based on reaction to fear.

Growing up as a black man in Washington D.C. during the “crack 80’s”, when Marion Barry was mayor, I lived a lower middle class childhood in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Though I had many friends, I was also subject to the threats, intimidation, and bullying that happens when you’re not like the people around you.

There was no father in my life to steel me against the world I lived in. My mother was strong, but it’s not exactly the kind of strength I needed. I was a boy, and needed a Man.

Without strong male guidance, I learned to fear…but not how to face fear and win. Even joining the military and going to war didn’t overcome my weakness, and all my future decisions considered strongly the level of fear I had at the time.

As a result, my life has been full of conflict, as I have unintentionally signaled to adversaries that I am an easier opponent to beat than others. I have won victories, but never truly enjoyed them knowing the battle is never won for me…only endured. I have also suffered crushing defeats, and important people in my life lost confidence in me as a result. I have not reached my potential, and settled instead into apathy and stasis, content to only being “smart enough” or “good enough”…not great. Not strong. Not resolute…

Not a leader. Not a winner.

My life, in many important ways, mirrors the American experience. Potential to be great, but paralyzed by fear. Full of conflict. Enduring, not winning. No leadership. No strong Male inspiration. And occasional, crushing defeats that hit to the core of our country…most notably 9/11, but also with the erosion of our middle class and uniquely American culture.

Like you say so often: we don’t WIN anymore.

Watching your campaign, and being as invested in it as I am, has been an exercise in recognizing, and confronting, fear that I never expected. Every time your opponents hit you…I feel fear for your candidacy and our country. Every charge of racist, sexist, facist, etc. causes me to worry that no one, not even you, can really change the country for the better. That we’re doomed to failure…

Then…inevitably…you win the battle. You don’t “survive”, or “endure”…you attack, and put fear into your opponents. You don’t stop until they are buried under your feet. Until they become paralyzed…

Sometimes, you even bait them into hitting you, just so you can beat the crap out of them again. Your life is full of conflict, but it becomes yet another opportunity to WIN, and makes you MORE powerful…not less.

Then, once they are eliminated as a threat, you are generous to the vanquished. It’s not personal, and they are not evil. They were, simply…in the way. Once they are not, they become worthy of kindness and respect.

Furthermore, you’re not just a blunt instrument…your strategy is impeccable. You go into every conflict knowing exactly what your opponents weaknesses are, how to exploit them, and what levers to pull to ensure victory. Clearly, you spend good time before announcing your candidacy doing the things the military taught me as a young soldier: surveying, recon, intelligence-gathering, ammunition, discipline, execution…

You are defending America from our enemies within, and it’s an AMAZING thing to watch.

Last night, you also did something else. You became the Man that helped me see fear for what it is: an illusion of power, a powerful teacher, and the path to winning if used properly. There is no reason, regardless of the enormity of the task, to lose to fear if you prepare well, are disciplined in your execution, and have the faith necessary, in God, yourself, and in others…that leads to victory.

Winning is always possible, but becomes probable if you never back down, never quit, and become your dominant self. Once the battle is won, treat the vanquished with kindness and respect. Be the bigger man.

You taught me how to Win.

I appreciate what you’ve done for me personally, and what you’re doing for our country. I know I’m not the only man who admires you, and can’t wait for you to become the father, and leader, of our country. It’s been a long, cold winter for men in America the last 8 years, and I believe that your election will dramatically improve the level of respect, admiration, and love people will show for strong men and Fathers, and will create a new generation of leaders from impressionable young boys.

That, more than anything, will Make America Great Again.

trump vet